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Thursday, May 10, 2012

50 Books in 2012 - April Recap

I set a goal to read 50 books in 2012.

My January, February and March recaps can be found here.

In April, I read 4 more books.

I read:

Oogy by Larry Levin

I got this book from my Mother-in-law and my sister-in-law. It was an easy read about a family who adopts a dog they name Oogy. Oogy was used as a bait dog. He was abandoned after being totally mutilated in a dog fight, and left for dead. When discovered days later, he was miraculously still alive, but so badly beaten and injured the vets didn't think he would survive. Thanks to the insistence of one of the staff, they did everything they could and saved Oogy. He is then adopted by the Levin family, and becomes more than a dog to them; he becomes the third twin.

It was an uplifting read about the relationship between people and their dogs, and it also talked about how loving and forgiving dogs can be.

True Colors by Kristin Hannah

This was the first book I had ever read by Kristin Hannah. Again, I got this book from my MIL.

OH MY GOSH, I LOVED this book. I couldn't put it down; I stayed up late reading it and put all my other work and to-dos on hold until I could finish it.

The way Kristin Hannah writes just deeply resonates with me and I felt myself riding the waves of emotion with the characters in the story. So, so good.

Beyond Snapshots by Rachel Devine and Peta Mazey

This book is a non-fiction photography book that I picked up on Amazon. I read Rachel Devine's blog often, so I thought I'd see what her book with Peta was like.

It was an informative book that covered a lot of the basics of photography. While I didn't learn anything new, it was interesting to read how other people teach and explain the fundamentals of photography. I thought it might be helpful in my Love Your Camera workshops.

Fine Art Wedding Photography by Jose Villa and Jeff Kent

This book is written by one of the top wedding photographers in the world right now. I asked for this book for Christmas and just got around to finally reading it now.

I thought it was a very informative book, and filled with beautiful photos. Jose Villa is a film photographer so while the mediums of our crafts are very different, I still got a lot out of this book. He talks a lot about light and about what his thought process is like during a wedding day. As my wedding season quickly approaches, I am excited to put the information I learned from the book into practice.


That brings my year to date total to 20 books. I am a bit ahead of schedule, and excited to see how many books I can get through this year!

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