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Friday, March 2, 2012

50 Books in 2012 - February Recap

I set a personal goal for 2012 to read 50 books.

You can read my recap of the 5 books I read in January here.

This month, I read 4 more books:

Deadline by Fern Michaels

This is the fourth book in the Godmother series that I love so much. This is the second series I've been hooked on that is written by Michaels - the other is the Sisterhood series. The characters in this book are hilarious and I can only hope I'm that much fun when I'm in my 60's someday.

I did think the plot wasn't as interesting as the previous three books but oh well, I still liked it. Can't wait for the next one!

Vision in White by Nora Roberts

I don't know if I have ever read a Nora Roberts book before this one. I KNOW - where have I been, right? Did you know she has written over 150 novels in her career, and she isn't even very old!

I heard about this book, which is #1 in the Bride Quartet series, through the photography grapevine. The storyline is there are four best friends who have a wedding planning business together. One is the planner/coordinator, one is the photographer, one is the baker/chef, and the other is the florist. This first book is about the photographer, Mac.

This book was awesome, and I can't wait to continue reading the series!

Wokini by Billy Mills and Nicholas Sparks

I added this to my library queue after hearing about it on Nicholas Spark's website. I didn't know what to expect, but I'm all about self help books and the blurb sounded interesting to me.

WOW, this is a powerful little book! I loved it. I even took notes. While the information in it isn't anything new or revelatory, it laid it out in a simple, interested and influential way that stuck with me. Definitely worth a quick read!

Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks

It's no secret that I am a HUGE fan of Nicholas Sparks. I love everything he writes. I read this entire book in one day - 8am to 4pm, with a break to make lunch and a couple of bathroom breaks. I could not stop reading. It's different than most of his books, with danger involved in the plot. I felt so much anger at times, I punched the book and hollered out loud. Seriously.

Definitely worth a read, and be prepared to block out some time to read. Because if you are like me, you won't be able to put it down until you find out how it all unfolds.

What is on your reading list? I have a big list that I am moving through, but there is always room for more!


  1. The Walk series by Richard Paul Evans is great. If you like Nicholas Sparks you will probably like Richard Paul Evans. Charlie St. Cloud by Ben Sherwood is good too. Happy reading!

  2. Thank you so much for the recommendations! I haven't heard of Richard Paul Evans so I've added him to my list!! xx!


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