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Monday, November 25, 2013

27 Things Before I'm 28 - An Update

Last December, I posted 27 Things Before I'm 28 - a list of 27 things I wanted to do as a 27 year old.

My birthday is less than one month away now, so I wanted to see how I was doing with my list, and see which goals I could still meet in the remaining few weeks of my 27th year.

Here is my list of goals and the progress I've made:

27 Things I Want To Do Before I Turn 28:

1. Read my 1 year devotional daily during 2013. [This will start on 1/2013 and continue through 2013.]
*I'm on track to finish my Jesus Calling devotional as 2013 comes to a close.

2. Breathe life into Date Night in a Bag.
*Done! Date Night in a Bag became Love Nourished and launched officially in August.

3. Do the Love Dare with Matt.
*We are reading a Love Dare devotional book right now. It's not the full Love Dare, but it's similar.

4. Make freezer meals from Pinterest.
*N/A [No progress/haven't accomplished this goal yet.]

5. Complete 12 [or more] projects that I have pinned to Pinterest.

6. Build window boxes and plant flowers in them to spruce up the front of our house.
*Done, with amazing help from my dad and my mom. The cedar window boxes are gorgeous, and they housed colorful pansies and begonias all summer. Now, they house a wintery blend of dried hydrangeas, pine boughs, red dogwood branches, pompous grass, and spray painted twigs.

7. Explore Yellowstone National Park.
*My parents, Matt and I decided to forgo our summer plans to head out west. Instead, the 4 of us are going to spend Christmas in Florida with Erica and Tony.

8. Visit our California family.
*Done! Visited from 10/23-10/30.

9. Photograph a personal project.
*Done! The Pink Beauty Experience began this year, and is an ongoing personal project. I also photographed another project to document the changing of the seasons, which will be completed at the end of the year.

10. Print and hang photos up in our new house.

11. Further define and refine the Why of my business and update everything to reflect it.
*I'm working on rebranding/updating Laura Radniecki Images right now. The new site/new look will be launched by my birthday.

12. Go camping.
*Done! We took Remy camping over the last weekend of September.

13. Rent mountain bikes and ride the Cuyuna Trails.

14. Get back in the journaling habit.
*It requires major effort and I don't journal as much as I'd like, but I've made some progress.

15. Build a snowman.
*Done! During one of the 3 major snowstorms we had in April.

16. Write and publish and E-book to compliment Love Your Camera.

17. Have a Craft & Chit-Chat night.

18. Make a fire pit at our house and have a bonfire.

19. Look for and buy my dream couch.
*My parents bought my sister and Tony's living room set before they moved to Florida. That meant that the couch that was currently in my parent's downstairs living room needed to go, so we inherited it. It might not be my dream couch, but it's plush, looks good in our living room, Remy loves it, and the price was right.

20. See the southern Minnesota petroglyphs.

21. Photograph my parents.

22. Save for and buy a car with cash.
*We intended to save up and buy a gently used car toward the end of 2013. However, our Hawaii-born Escape fell apart in March/April, so we were forced to buy one that was older than we'd hoped for, sooner than we'd expected. Oh well. Now, Matt and I both drive Oldsmobile Aleros. His and Hers!

23. Use my lensbaby more.

24. Learn how to use the video recording on my DSLR and learn how to edit enough to make a simple video.
*I learned how to record video on my DSLR, but I have not learned to edit the video footage yet.

25. Post 4 videos on my blog.
*I posted one video on my blog, for The Pink Beauty Experience.

26. Continue to make progress on our Total Money Makeover.
*We need to revisit the list of tasks we have yet to complete after finishing Financial Peace University this spring.

27. Have monthly dinners with family.
*Our dinners haven't been monthly, but we'd made an effort to have more frequent meals with the Hensels and my sister and Tony when they're in town. We need to do the same now with the Millers. 


I might not have accomplished all of the tasks on my list, but I did do many of them. Plus, I noted when making the list that my goal was to experience as much as I could in the process of checking these things off the list. I feel like I have really tried to be intentional this year and make lasting memories. 

I might carry some of the un-completed tasks over to my 28 Things Before I'm 29 list that I intent to make after my birthday next month. 

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