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Sunday, December 30, 2012

27 Things Before I'm 28

**Edited to note - apparently this post never went live when I meant to post it on 12.10. So! In the spirit of making goals for 2013, this fits in, even though it is 3 weeks old.**

Yesterday, I turned 27.

I feel older today.

Not sure about wiser... but definitely older.

As my family confirmed, I'm no longer in my mid-twenties. I'm officially in my upper twenties.

That's ok though; I have a good feeling about this year! I was talking with one of my best friends and we agreed that this 27th year is going to be our best year yet.

Last night, I was checking my favorite blogs and I read this blog post. I've seen all kinds of similar lists on people's blogs like the 101 in 1001 but I've never done one.

I wanted to do this birthday list in honor of being 27. And I'm listing it here because once you write down your goals, then you are accountable for them. Plus, it makes them more concrete and easier to go after.

27 Things I Want To Do Before I Turn 28:

1. Read my 1 year devotional daily during 2013. [This will start on 1/2013 and continue through 2013.]
2. Breathe life into Date Night in a Bag.
3. Do the Love Dare with Matt.
4. Make freezer meals from Pinterest.
5. Complete 12 [or more] projects that I have pinned to Pinterest.
6. Build window boxes and plant flowers in them to spruce up the front of our house.
7. Explore Yellowstone National Park.
8. Visit our California family.
9. Photograph a personal project.
10. Print and hang photos up in our new house.
11. Further define and refine the Why of my business and update everything to reflect it.
12. Go camping.
13. Rent mountain bikes and ride the Cuyuna Trails.
14. Get back in the journaling habit.
15. Build a snowman.
16. Write and publish and E-book to compliment Love Your Camera.
17. Have a Craft & Chit-Chat night.
18. Make a fire pit at our house and have a bonfire.
19. Look for and buy my dream couch.
20. See the southern Minnesota petroglyphs.
21. Photograph my parents.
22. Save for and buy a car with cash.
23. Use my lensbaby more.
24. Learn how to use the video recording on my DSLR and learn how to edit enough to make a simple video.
25. Post 4 videos on my blog.
26. Continue to make progress on our Total Money Makeover.
27. Have monthly dinners with family.

I don't know how much I'll be able to cross off on 12/9/13 but I'm going to try to experience and accomplish as many as I can this year.

I'm ready!

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