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Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Kuenzel Family | Brainerd, MN | Extended Family Photography

I photographed the Kuenzel family at a rental cabin in Pequot Lakes a few weeks ago on a warm, perfect summer morning.
The sun was shining over a lake that was as calm as glass, and the blue sky didn't have a cloud anywhere.
It was perfection.
The Kuenzel family is spread out all over the country and aren't able to spend too much time all together. So this vacation was rare and particularly special which is why they wanted to have a photo session to commemorate it. 
Little Eve is the first grandchild in the family and as they told me - she rules the house! She is absolutely beautiful; like a little doll. Even though Eve wasn't impressed with me or my camera, I still think we managed to bring her spirit out into the photos and I have some new favorites!
Kuenzel_0021 Kuenzel_0041 Kuenzel_0019 Kuenzel_0010 Kuenzel_0012 Kuenzel_0023 Kuenzel_0029 Kuenzel_0030 Kuenzel_0034 Kuenzel_0047 Kuenzel_0049 Kuenzel_0051 Kuenzel_0053 Kuenzel_0057

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