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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Leanne + Aaron - Married! | Verndale, MN | Wedding Photography

Leanne and Aaron are real life ranchers.

They work together on a buffalo ranch in South Dakota, and met four years ago while working on a ranch in Colorado.

How amazing of a story is that?!

Leanne grew up in suburban California and Aaron is from rural central Minnesota, raised on a dairy farm. Their upbringings are very different, but their interests and work ethic aligned and brought them together on the ranch in Colorado. From there, life has taken them on tons of adventures and travels and they are loving every minute of it.

On the last Saturday of June, in Henning and Verndale, two small towns in central Minnesota, Leanne and Aaron became husband and wife. They were married in a beautiful and sentimental Catholic mass, followed by a lively country barn reception and dance at the Moenkedick family farm where the sound of cowboy boots on wood floors could be heard far and wide.

As the sun began to set, Leanne and Aaron danced as husband and wife, and basked in the glow of their new marriage as they prepare for a lifetime of new adventures together.

Leanne and Aaron - thank you from the bottom of my heart for inviting me into your wedding day as your wedding photographer. You both made me feel so welcome and were so much fun to work with. I love that photography is so important to you, and I think you will love the images we created. Especially the sunset images! :) I hope your honeymoon was yet another incredible adventure and I know you will have many more together in the years ahead. Enjoy! xo, Laura
MoenkedickWedding_0002 MoenkedickWedding_0004 MoenkedickWedding_0009 MoenkedickWedding_0018 MoenkedickWedding_0024 MoenkedickWedding_0032 MoenkedickWedding_0044 MoenkedickWedding_0049 MoenkedickWedding_0063 MoenkedickWedding_0135 MoenkedickWedding_0137 MoenkedickWedding_0153 MoenkedickWedding_0159 MoenkedickWedding_0169 MoenkedickWedding_0184 MoenkedickWedding_0192 MoenkedickWedding_0210 MoenkedickWedding_0248 MoenkedickWedding_0253 MoenkedickWedding_0403 MoenkedickWedding_0283 MoenkedickWedding_0305 MoenkedickWedding_0311 MoenkedickWedding_0327 MoenkedickWedding_0322 MoenkedickWedding_0338 MoenkedickWedding_0352 MoenkedickWedding_0357 MoenkedickWedding_0364 MoenkedickWedding_0369 MoenkedickWedding_0376 MoenkedickWedding_0386 MoenkedickWedding_0388 MoenkedickWedding_0469 MoenkedickWedding_0485 MoenkedickWedding_0493 MoenkedickWedding_0501 MoenkedickWedding_0518 MoenkedickWedding_0526 MoenkedickWedding_0540 MoenkedickWedding_0604 MoenkedickWedding_0612 MoenkedickWedding_0622 MoenkedickWedding_0627 MoenkedickWedding_0646 MoenkedickWedding_0654 MoenkedickWedding_0668


  1. Wow! Those are fantastic :-)

  2. Thank you, Lorrene!! :) It was a GORGEOUS wedding day!! xo!

  3. Thank you SO much for these Laura!! We absolutely LOVE our wedding photos and are so lucky to have had you photograph our big day. Thank you again!

  4. You are so welcome, Leanne! Thank YOU for everything, and I'm so happy to hear that you love them!! xoxo!


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