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Monday, March 25, 2013

Our First Home: The After Photos

In the Our First Home series, I've posted about:

Phase Three: new carpet, moving, and tile

Today, I have the After Photos of our first house. 

It's not completely done. Not by any means. Is anything ever totally, completely finished??

But our active renovations are finished, and we are fully settled in and living in our new house. 

And we love it. We feel truly blessed to be living in this; our first home.

Our completed master bedroom.
The fully assembled dresser, and our stocked walk-in closet.
Our completed guest bedroom.
The completed bathroom, and the hallway with our artwork hung at the end.
**Note - our hallway is all painted the same Sea Salt green you see at the end. The reason it looks blue at the outside of the right photo is because of the cool evening light/white balance coming from the living room window. No, I didn't paint a gradient in my hallway. :)
My completed office!
The living room, dining room and the kitchen. And our gorgeous hardwood floors.
The kitchen.
The dining room.
The living room and then the front entryway. 
I will be making a new curtain in a sand/linen type fabric to replace this existing red curtain. It will fit in well with the whole color scheme.
There we go! Our completed house!
Thanks for taking the ride through the renovation process with me! It's been a wild ride, and a completely rewarding one too.
Next up on the to-do list for us? Landscaping!!


  1. Looks cozy! The hardwood is beautiful and the wall colours you chose are very nice - enjoy your new house :)

  2. Thank you, Lorrene! We are loving it! :)


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