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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Brooke + Jacob - Married! | Little Falls, MN | Wedding Photography

The first time Brooke heard about Jacob was from his sister Andrea, who was also one of Brooke's college roommates. Andrea and the rest of the girls in their room thought that Brooke and Jacob would be perfect together, and decided that they should meet each other.

The first time they met was at a campus hog roast. They started talking about their hometowns and Brooke mentioned she grew up on a dairy farm. Jacob immediately responded, saying that they would have to get married. Brooke replied with "Maybe we should go on a date first" and as they say... the rest is history!

On a beautifully warm and sunny day in the beginning of September, Brooke and Jacob put on their wedding clothes and cowboy boots and became husband and wife. Their wedding was full of personalized country decor, guests wearing the biggest variety of boots I've ever seen, and one of my favorite color pallets for a wedding ever. [I LOVED the red, Brooke!]

Brooke and Jacob - you two made me feel like I have known you forever. It was an incredible honor to work with you on your wedding day, and I hope these images always bring your day to life whenever you look at them. xoxo, Laura
BrookeJacobWedding_0001 BrookeJacobWedding_0013 BrookeJacobWedding_0023 BrookeJacobWedding_0027 BrookeJacobWedding_0042 BrookeJacobWedding_0051 BrookeJacobWedding_0054 BrookeJacobWedding_0062 BrookeJacobWedding_0064 BrookeJacobWedding_0071 BrookeJacobWedding_0077 BrookeJacobWedding_0081 BrookeJacobWedding_0087 BrookeJacobWedding_0102 BrookeJacobWedding_0110 BrookeJacobWedding_0127 BrookeJacobWedding_0143 BrookeJacobWedding_0149 BrookeJacobWedding_0163 BrookeJacobWedding_0177 BrookeJacobWedding_0180 BrookeJacobWedding_0194 BrookeJacobWedding_0239 BrookeJacobWedding_0275 BrookeJacobWedding_0278 BrookeJacobWedding_0281 BrookeJacobWedding_0309 BrookeJacobWedding_0316 BrookeJacobWedding_0336 BrookeJacobWedding_0354 BrookeJacobWedding_0358 BrookeJacobWedding_0366 BrookeJacobWedding_0397 BrookeJacobWedding_0460 BrookeJacobWedding_0486 BrookeJacobWedding_0496 BrookeJacobWedding_0503 BrookeJacobWedding_0506 BrookeJacobWedding_0531 BrookeJacobWedding_0540 BrookeJacobWedding_0547 BrookeJacobWedding_0551 BrookeJacobWedding_0587 BrookeJacobWedding_0608 BrookeJacobWedding_0629

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