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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thank You For Reading and LISTS, LISTS LISTS!

Hello to my faithful blog readers! All 20 of you! :)

If you are reading this, I know you are one of those faithful few that have kept up with my blog through the waterfall of photo session posts throughout this spring/summer/early fall. I know, post after post of people you don't know gets a little redundant and boring, so I appreciate you for sticking around through all of them.

My summer was BUSY.

It started out moderately busy, and I was on top of my workload. For the first 2 weeks of June, I went to the beach, made time to go snorkeling in the Mine Pits and did a lot of other fun summer stuff. And then, somehow things got incredibly busy and now it's September?!?!

Honestly, it's like I blinked and it went from being the 4th of July to almost officially Fall.

I feel incredibly blessed by the clients I got to meet this summer. So many new faces for portrait sessions, and I hope they will return so I can watch their children grow! Despite missing out on some beach time and being just as pale now as I was last January, I am SO THANKFUL for the season I had.

But it was busy.

Now things are starting to slow down. I still have 2 weddings left in 2012, and I have some jam-packed weekends coming up with fall sessions. But my weekdays are less busy and my weekday evenings have included time at home with Matt, which didn't happen a whole lot this summer.

Now that my shooting/editing schedule is winding down, I have ALL THESE IDEAS in my head for this winter. They include things like DIY projects, handmade Christmas gifts and books to read [and maybe write??]. They also include big plans for content to share on this blog.

I have big lists. Lists of posts I want to write. Lists of products I want to share. Lists of advice I want to give to other photographers who are maybe just starting their business or struggling with getting theirs to where they want it to be. I have lists of photo tips for everyday people who just want to photograph their life better. I have lists of things I learned the hard way, that I want to share in hopes of maybe keeping someone else from having to learn it the hard way.


I can't sleep sometimes, because I have so many ideas.

But like many things, the hard part is getting started. Taking the first step. I'm having a hard time beginning these lists I have made.

Last week, I did take the first baby step. Matt and I went out and photographed some new headshots for me. I cut all my hair off, so I thought I needed a new avatar. Plus, I think the blog could use a little updating. So, first baby step to cross off = take new photos. Done.

In the next few weeks, I plan to organize my thoughts and make a plan for sharing these LISTS with you. I hope you'll stay tuned. I hope you find the information interesting and helpful. I have missed writing actual blog posts, and I'm excited to get back to blogging again!

If you are one of the people who consistently read all of my posts this summer [hi Mom! :)] I truly appreciate it.

And because I don't have any relevant photos to spice up this post, and because I STILL haven't shared my vacation photos from our August fishing trip, here's an early morning view of a Canadian lake. Bliss! [Except for the early morning part. Just kidding, sort of.]


  1. Thank you, Helene! I'm glad you like it! I like it too; I'm excited for the future of the blog! xoxo

  2. I love reading your blog. Sometimes, it's just a peak at the gorgeous photos and interesting people. Sometimes, I read carefully, trying to learn how to take better pictures. Sometimes, I just want to see what you're up to. If you want any help with writing your book, let me know. We could have coffee and discuss your vision for your writing. I love it that you're both a photographer and a writer. It's a great combination of gifts and talents. Write on!

  3. Mary, you are such an inspiration and positive force to me! I love that you follow my journey. THANK YOU for that. xoxo!!!


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