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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kayla | Aitkin, MN | Senior Photography

I am IN LOVE with Kayla's senior session.

Not only did she have amazing style [and hair!] and chose some killer outfits, but the location we shot at was absolutely gorgeous on the evening of our session. I had never shot at Aitkin City Park before and seriously, what a gorgeous place!!! Kayla had the great ability to do both a serious vogue face and a lovely smile. I didn't even have to prompt her to rock them out, she did it on her own.

I was insanely giddy [ask Kayla and her mom!] throughout the entire shoot, saying how much I loved each image I saw on the back of my camera. I left the session smiling ear to ear, grateful that I get to do this for a living. Enjoy!
Kayla_0001 2LR_5025 2LR_5075 Kayla_0015 2LR_5280 Kayla_0028 Kayla_0039 Kayla_0042 Kayla_0057 2LR_5430 Kayla_0066

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