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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tyler | Brainerd, MN | Senior Photography

The first time I met this guy, he was in 1st grade.

He is my husband's brother, and since Matt and I have been together since 2001, I have known Tyler for most of his life.

I have watched him grow up from a little kid into someone who is much taller than I am. I have watched as his voice changed and now I sometimes confuse him and Matt on the phone. I have seen him change from a little kid who could easily be picked on by his older brother, to a kid who's now taller than his brother and who will actually fight back [and maybe win]!

It was fun and bizarre for me to take Tyler's senior photos. It sure ages me to know that he is just one school year away from going to college. I feel like I was just going to college myself! I can only imagine how his mom feels, to have her middle child a year away from being in college. Tyler's future is bright and I know Matt and I are excited to see where life takes him. We'll be cheering you on the whole time, Ty!
Tyler_0001 Tyler_0008 Tyler_0018 Tyler_0029

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