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Monday, May 7, 2012

On Making A Difference

This quote, which I found via Pinterest [find me!] made me stop, laugh, tell it to Matt, and then start thinking a little deeper about the truth behind it. 

On the surface, how hilarious and true is this? As a Minnesotan, I know all too well how much havoc one tiny little obnoxious mosquito can wreak overnight. It is amazing that one little thing can suck so much blood and be so annoyingly loud.

Thinking about the quote a little deeper, I find so much truth in it. I know that I am a mere blip on the radar of the entire human race. My corner of the world is small and my actions don't spread very far. It is super easy to get discouraged and to feel like no matter what I do, I am not really making a difference. That no matter how much I try to give to charity, or how many good deeds I try to do for others, it doesn't make a difference in the grand scheme of things, and it's hardly worth it.

As this quote suggests, none of us are too small to make a difference. Just as the little mosquito can actually be quite powerful and make a lot of waves with its little body, so can we. Of course there will always be someone who does more than we do, someone who can give more than we can. And there will no doubt always be more people who need food, clothing, care, shelter, help. There will always be people in need. We will never fix it all.

But let's not underestimate the ripples that we can cause with our actions, no matter how small they seem. And if we do it enough, those ripples can compound into waves and we can cause a change; make a difference. 

When in doubt, just think of the last time there was a mosquito in your bedroom when you were trying to sleep. We are never too small or too insignificant to make a difference!

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