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Monday, May 7, 2012

Chain of Lakes Triathlon 2012

Last weekend, Matt and some other triathletes from the Lakes Area Multisport group [LAMS] raced in the Chain of Lakes Triathlon in Alexandria, MN. I went along with some other girls to be part of the LAMS Cheer Squad.

The triathlon began in the middle school's pool, and then continued on outside. Unfortunately, it was gloomy and rainy the whole day, so it was a bit tricky to keep my camera dry while photographing the racers.

LAMS had a great day; Matt placed 2nd in his age group, and 8th overall [of maybe 170 racers]. Mike McConkey had a podium finish with 2nd place in his age group, a LAMS racer Jan placed 1st in her age group, and a relay team of LAMS racers placed first. All the other triathletes from Brainerd did a great job too, breaking personal goals right and left.

Despite the rain, it was a great day and the triathlon seemed to be well ran. Matt enjoyed the race and will probably be back next year!
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P.S. Don't their new racing kits look awesome??

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