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Friday, May 4, 2012

Run For The Lakes 2012

This was Matt's second year running the half-marathon at Run For The Lakes. So like last year, I brought along my camera to snap a couple photos of the race.

He has trained hard since last year's race and went into this one with high expectations. And happily, he exceeded those stretch goals, by 2 minutes! Go Matt! It was fun to watch all the racers again this year, and the weather was much better than last year.

Matt already has plans for next year's race!
LKR_0914 LKR_0931 LKR_0944 LKR_0954 LKR_0961 LKR_0996 LKR_1014 LKR_1041 LKR_1059 LKR_1069 LKR_1126 LKR_1160 LKR_1238

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