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Friday, April 27, 2012

My Babies - TOMS Shoes

It's no secret that I am insanely passionate about a certain shoe company.

Oh, you know which one I'm referring to?

Of course you do. 

I'm talking about TOMS Shoes - my most favorite shoe company in the whole wide world.

I have written posts about and referenced TOMS before many different times, but I just can't help myself. I am going to do it again.

I first heard about TOMS Shoes in 2010 through a photographer who's blog I follow. She wore them to shoot in and because I'd never heard of them, I looked them up online. My first reaction was that they were a little homely looking, but in a cute, earthy kind of way.

Right? Isn't that the best way to describe them?

After reading the reviews and hearing how much those who wore them loved them, I decided to jump in and bought myself my first ever pair - my red loves.

It took a whole 10 minutes of wearing them for me to be plain, flat out, completely and totally HOOKED.

I shot every wedding of 2010 in that pair of red TOMS, and I added a burlap pair to my collection toward the end of 2010. In 2011, after buying a new camera bag, I decided to buy a black pair for my 2011 weddings. My red pair began to fade from excessive wear and sunlight. I have been looking at the new styles and colors for months, and plan to add to my collection with another pair or two soon. My burlap pair is experiencing some wear and tear on the backs and will soon become quite scruffy, so clearly I need to replace them. Shopping!!

I continue to profess my TOMS love to any photographers who ask about what shoes to shoot in. I cannot and will not shoot in anything else. My legs and feet take a beating when I'm shooting and I haven't found anything even remotely as comfortable as TOMS are to me. The arch support is lovely and I feel like I'm wearing really comfortable slippers. Or like I'm barefoot only not.

The fact that TOMS shoes are incredibly comfortable and very cute in that earthy, homely way isn't even the best part. TOMS' slogan is ONE FOR ONE. This means that for every pair you buy, they provide shoes to one person in need. As of sometime last year, they had donated 5,000,000 pairs of shoes since the company began in 2006. So not only are the shoes great, but the company does amazing good in the world too. They make it easy to be a fanatical supporter. And it's clear that I am a TOMS fanatic.

Even Matt likes them.


  1. I share you love (and obsession?)! Adam never liked any of the guy styles, but just before Christmas he found a pair he liked. I think I have him hooked now, too. :) I wear my black glitters when I shoot- love 'em!

  2. Well you got me hooked too :) haha! I pretty much didn't take mine off for a week and a half after I got them. Getting another pair soon...

  3. Jess - YES - OBSESSION! :) Awesome, so happy to hear you got Adam hooked! I think Matt's due for another pair this year.

    Kelley - so happy you love yours!!! I can't wait to see which pair you pick next!


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