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Monday, December 19, 2011

The Bentleyville Experience

As part of my birthday weekend Matt and I, along with my parents, met my sister and her husband up in Duluth. We shared a suite at a hotel in Canal Park, spent the afternoon looking in a few downtown shops and eating at Grandma's. That night, we walked to Bentleyville – a huge Christmas light display. I went to Bentleyville in 2007, when it was still at a private citizen's house in a nearby city. Since then, it's been moved to Canal Park and is run by the public. It's free to attend and is so beautiful! If you weren't in the Christmas spirit before, you will be after you walk through!

Christmas is so fleeting, I can feel the days slipping through like sand on the beach. The harder I squeeze, the more the sand seems to slip through. It's with things like family trips, looking at lights, making cookies, and watching Christmas movies that I can savor each moment. January is coming and with that, a brand new year. For now, I'm focusing on the here and now and soaking up each minute filled with twinkly lights, Christmas music, sappy movies on ABC Family and Hallmark, and lots of family traditions.

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