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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Put Yourself In Time Out

When we grow up and get big, our parents aren't around to witness our tantrums, the curses we say, and the things we fling across the room when we get mad or frustrated [particularly with faulty technology in my case.] They aren't there to monitor our behavior and to, if necessary, put us into time out.

It's up to us to do it. We have to put ourselves into time out.

Our time outs may not always be a result of our naughty behavior. Sometimes, we need to put ourselves into time out to take a break, to realign our mind and spirit, to get our priorities in order, and to just BREATHE.

Whether our time outs happen in the car when we turn the radio off and soak in the silence, in the middle of the living room in a downward-facing-dog yoga pose, or outside, in the middle of nature and God's beauty, the result is the same. We recharge. Start over. Refresh. Just like I have to do to my laptop sometimes when it gets all wonky on me. Sometimes, we just need to reboot.

When's the last time you put yourself in time out?

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1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous photos of the frozen lake. There is beauty in every season. I used the family photo you took of us during Bobby's grad session on my blog (posting tomorrow - Wed.) Then, it's time for a break and focus on family. Thanks for your creative spirit!
    Peace to you in the New Year.


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