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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

An Escape to Stillwater, MN + A Visit to Como Zoo

As Matt's triathlon season came to an end, his last sprint triathlon morphed into a Half-Ironman distance triathlon instead. He changed his mind and decided to do a much longer race as the last hoorah to the 2011 season. The race was held in the outskirts of Stillwater, MN so Matt and I made a little trip out of the weekend. We went down a few days prior to the race and explored Stillwater. Widely known as one of the prettiest towns in Minnesota, it has rich history and I had never really been there before! Matt and I were in town for half of a day earlier in the summer to photograph a wedding but that was it. I wanted to explore the town and see what the charm was all about.

We walked along main street, sat in the park along the river by the lift bridge, watched boats pass underneath, and ate in a restaurant that overlooked the river. Stillwater is fantastic! I know this isn't the last time we will visit.

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Matt's family and my family joined us to cheer Matt on during his race. The day before the race, we all met first at the Como Zoo. I haven't been to the Como Zoo in over a decade and I haven't been to a zoo at all since we were in Hawaii and went to the Honolulu Zoo. Such a great zoo and there is no entrance fee. It's a donation system that is on an honor system. Another one of Minnesota's gems!
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  1. I LOVE Stillwater! So glad you were able to visit- it's such a neat place to spend a day or even a weekend.


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