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Monday, October 24, 2011

South Dakota in Black and White

Before I blog more about our trip to South Dakota, I have a few to show you to start with.

I love color.

I love the changing leaves of the fall, the bright blue skies on a clear day, the different colors in wide open spaces of fields, forests, etc. As I was editing the photos from our trip though, I thought I might try to turn a couple black and white. I am no Ansel Adams but there is something shockingly beautiful about seeing a dynamic landscape in black and white.

Shades of gray.

LKR_3525-2 LKR_3659-2 LKR_3683-2 LKR_3762-2 LKR_3776-2 LKR_3780-2 LKR_3798-2 LKR_3825-2 LKR_3845-2 LKR_3853-2 LKR_3868-2


  1. These are all beautiful laura!! And would be awesome in a book or something :)

  2. Hope you had a great time in SD!!!


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