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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Matt + Half-Ironman Triathlon

Matt's triathlon season ended the first week of September with the longest race of his career so far. After 3 sprint distance triathlons in 2011 and 1 in 2010, his ended this year with a half-ironman distance race. Approximately a 1 mile swim, 56 mile bike and 13.1 [half marathon distance] mile run.

After a weekend in Stillwater and being joined by both of our families, we all cheered on the biggest race of Matt's triathlon career so far. The preparations the day of included getting his transition site set up and some family photos taken prior to the race.
LKR_7502 LKR_7506 LKR_7509 LKR_7512 LKR_7514 LKR_7515 LKR_7524 LKR_7530
The swim part of the triathlon is first.
LKR_7535 LKR_7541 LKR_7553 LKR_7559 LKR_7560 LKR_7563 LKR_7568 LKR_7575
Then he was off on the bike portion!
The bike part included one loop and the racers did it twice. This meant that Matt came by us in the middle of his bike leg. He looked so good and upbeat!
LKR_7594 LKR_7603
Then came the final part of the triathlon. The run. Running a half marathon is HARD. But this race had Matt running a half marathon AFTER swimming a mile and biking 56 miles. Oofda. Seriously.
LKR_7619 LKR_7628
And then... it was the finish line time! Matt's goal was 5 hours and 30 minutes. A minute or two before his goal, we saw him at the top of the hill. He was almost done!!!
LKR_7641 LKR_7648 LKR_7658
One minute faster than his goal, HE FINISHED!!! Wooo hooo, Matt!!!! After the race, he headed straight for the water to cool off. Then, his body went into some weird post 5.5 hour workout shock and he felt freezing cold. It was 80+ degrees and he was shivering, so he laid in the sun to warm up. After 30-45 minutes of sun therapy, he rejoined the land of the living and basked in his accomplishments.
LKR_7669 LKR_7671 LKR_7680
Such a major accomplishment; one of his bucket list items. Now, his sights are set on even bigger goals for next season - and for bettering his time on another half-ironman. I'm so proud of you, Matt!

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