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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Morgan - Brainerd, MN Senior Graduation Photography

Senior Graduation Photos are about photographing the senior, on the verge of the next phase of their life. The goal is to show their personality, their likes and hobbies, and who they are as 17-18 year old people, in their photographs. Big changes are coming for all of them, whether they are going on to college, or joining the military, or starting a job right away - their lives are all about to change and go in different directions. The photos serve as a way to pause their lives, right before the changes begin.

Morgan is from Iowa. Every year, her family comes to Nisswa, MN for their annual family vacation. It's been a tradition for years, and it's one that they start a countdown for as soon as they get home. [Morgan, I'm guessing you're already counting down to 2012's trip up north, right?] What better place to have her graduation photos taken than up at her favorite vacation spot.

We spent the evening of the second hottest Minnesota day so far this summer on the shores of Lower Cullen Lake. Morgan is so sweet, and has a bright future ahead of her. Thanks for choosing me to photograph your senior portraits, Morgan. I wish you the best of luck in your last year in high school, and in all the adventures ahead! xx, Laura


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  1. Laura, the first picture is an attention grabber...it really captured her beautiful face. I also liked your black and white photos, great depth!

    Keep up your creative masterpieces!


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