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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

In Action

Every day after I photograph a wedding, I feel like I just ran a marathon. [Not that I'd really know what running a marathon feels like. But anyway...] I have sore leg muscles, sore shoulders from carrying my bags, and sore hands and fingers from gripping the camera tightly all day and pressing the buttons with my fingertips.

I have recently noticed, after finding big red rug burn-like marks on my knees on a Sunday after a wedding, that I kneel a lot during a wedding day. Trying to stay out of the guests line of vision, I think.

Matt snapped these photos of me at some of this season's weddings. It's kind of odd seeing myself working from another's view.

And because I think this next photo is hilarious and because Matt gave me his permission to post it, here's Matt's reaction to standing in a spot for me so I can test the lighting and background. Hahaha, I can't look at it without laughing.  
In all truth, he was just kidding. He's the best assistant/second shooter ever; so patient and willing to keep up with my high-energy wedding whirlwind. After how hyper and excited I am during the entire wedding day, it's no wonder I feel like I climbed a mountain the next day! 

Who needs to work out when you have weddings [and portraits] to shoot? Right? Right.


  1. Love this, and the photos you posted yesterday, all disheveled after a shoot.

  2. Your wedding photography is always so beautiful and it's fun to get to see you in action! I have that same bag, but in green :)


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