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Monday, June 13, 2011

My Post-Session Hair

Last summer, every time I would come home from a session, my darling husband Matt would look at me, chuckle a little, and tell I looked a bit like a disaster.

Last week, we had 2 days where the temperatures were 89* and 98*. I had a graduation session at 6pm one evening, and it was 87* and humid outside. The sun was shining still, and it was HOT. The session went great, I was my usual excited self, and contorted into all kinds of different yoga positions to get the shot. I gulped the water from my water bottle on the way home, drove with the windows down in my broken air-conditioning car, and walked into our house. Matt looked at me, and once again, chuckled at me, the 'disaster.'. Ok, so he doesn't say I'm a total disaster, but if I ask if I look like a disheveled disaster, his answer is usually, "Kind of." Said oh, so sweetly of course!

So, I wanted to see what I looked like from a 3rd person perspective. I often have what Matt calls 'wings' - the hair around my temples sticks straight out in little curls. Portrait shoots aren't all that kind to the appearance; especially when they're done in almost 90 degree heat. Matt was happy to take these photos of me, post several-hour session in early June in Minnesota. You know, for posterity.
I think that my slightly disheveled appearance means that I worked hard and that I had fun at the session. If I am photographing you, and I look like this [which I will :)], rest assured I'm operating at my full potential and I'm having a blast.

And one last photo of my red TOMS that have taken a beating so far this year. So much dust, dirt and yellow pollen. They've since been hand-washed in Woolite, and dried on the shade outside. They're ready to rock and roll again!

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