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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I Dream of Photography - Part 2: A Birth Story.

In the I Dream of Photography - Part 1: The Love Your Camera Session post, I began talking about my surplus of goals and dreams, both in my personal and professional life. I shared with you my dream of hosting a workshop to help people learn to better use their cameras and to learn to take better photographs. That dream is becoming a reality on May 14th. Ahhh! I have another photography dream that has yet to become a reality. I mentioned it here.

I want to photograph a Birth Story.

What's a Birth Story, you might be asking? A Birth Story is where the birth of a baby is very delicately and tactfully photographed by a professional photographer. Instead of having the first photographs of a baby be fuzzy snaps by a blissfully happy new father, the photos are taken by a photographer, who also captures moments that would otherwise go overlooked. Dad doesn't have to do anything but welcome his new baby into the world and support Mom. A rushed nurse doesn't have to be the one to take the first family photographs.

Birth Stories are very common in certain areas of the country. I think it's still a bit of a foreign idea in the rural community we live in here in central Minnesota. Some people whom I've shared my dream with have reacted with disbelief and uncertainty, even disgust. They don't want photos of that! Gross! Obviously, the photos are taken at the best possible vantage point, and they are most always in Black & White which makes what could appear graphic seem emotional and peaceful. Obviously, having the birth of your baby photographed is not something that everyone is interested in. But if you haven't ever seen any photographs from a Birth Story, take a look at a couple of the links below. I promise you that you will be moved. Beware though - these are photographs of the births of real live babies. While amazingly beautiful, they are graphic in a tasteful way. If you aren't comfortable with that, don't look.

A home birth, photographed by the lovely Shelley Paulson.

A link to several Birth Stories, photographed by Jonathan Canlas.

See? Incredibly moving, right?

My hope is that sometime, someday, somewhere, someone who knows me will decide that they want the birth of their baby photographed. And I'll be ready. If you are interested in the possibility of a Birth Story, let's talk. Send me an email at lauraradniecki@gmail.com. One day, this dream will come true. I know it.



  1. I have read about your workshop and I am really sad that I live so far away! If I could.. I would be there.

    Yeah - it would be so cool to do a birthday story. I would love to do one also. I hope you get your chance soon!!

  2. I haven't heard of this, but I would've loved someone photographing my birth stories. Sorry, I'm past that now or I'd volunteer.
    My Blog

  3. I selfishly hope that no one volunteers so that I can be your first birth story! I love love love this idea and the links you posted were amazing!

  4. I think this is great with the right family. They are emotional and real-life pictures. Very respectfully done. I hope you find the best family for your first experience.

  5. You can fly to Hawaii if you want and photograph miss Madeline's birth! lol...I'm gonna have one of my girlfriends grab my camera and tell her to go to town, I want as many pictures as I can get - merely for Jordan's sake. but...*le sigh* I wish you still lived here. I'd totally hire you!

  6. I love the idea....wish I would have thought of that when I had my son last April. I think great pictures capture moments in time we want to remember forever...and a birth is definately an even worth remembering...so emotional. Great idea and I hope your dream comes true!

  7. Thanks everyone, for all of your positive thoughts and encouragement. I can't wait for this dream to become a reality... it may take time but I'm confident it will come true!!

  8. Laura!!

    Proposal..... If We find out it's safe to have another baby.... You can fullfill your dream!!! However it will be a c section.... So not as exciting.... But I'm game!!!

    Talk soon!!!
    Ashley Seitzer (Ryan)

  9. I think that this is such a beautiful and touching idea. The links you posted were amazing. I would definitely be open to this idea down the road. It's so touching, and what a great thing to always have!


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