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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Share The Love - Laura Radniecki Images Referral Rewards Returns!

Last year, I offered an incentive for people to spread the word about my photography with a referral rewards program. Gosh, that sounds so official and kind of lame, like the reward points at Best Buy or something. Oh well, people getting rewarded for talking about me: Win-Win for everyone!

I've decided to run with another referral program this summer, this time called Share The Love! Much better, I think.

The details:
If you refer someone to me and they book a future session by 10/31/11, you will receive a $25 credit toward a future session. That's it, it's as simple as that!

The fine tuned details:
*New clients fill out a questionnaire and in it, tell me how they found me. That's how I'll know you sent them my way.
*New clients have to book and deposit for their session/wedding by 10/31/11, but their session/wedding can be held at any time before or after that date. That means 2012 brides qualify!
*Your $25 credit has no expiration date. You can stock-pile credits and use them whenever you please.

If you are a future bride or portrait client, I always include several business cards in your disc package. If you would like me to mail you some business cards to hand out to your friends, email me and let me know! I'd be happy to send some your way. Otherwise, you can direct them to my website [www.lauraradnieckiimages.com] and you'll still get your credit that way!

A special thank you to all of the people who have so lovingly spread the word over the past 2 years. You are the ones who have inspired this Share The Love program and it's because of your support and enthusiasm that more and more people hear about me. I am so grateful!


Be like Mia and spread the word! :)


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  1. Just wanted to stop back by and say thanks so much for taking the time read my blog. <3 Wish I live closer...I would spread the word.

    For what it's worth, I think I found you from a comment on the Pioneer Woman. I liked your work and enjoy reading your posts.


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