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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Settergren Siblings - Brainerd, MN Family Photography

Emily contacted me about setting up a photo session with her sister and brother for a very special reason. It turns out that her two younger siblings are both going to be moving out of the family home and moving across the country to Texas and Florida, all within a month - leaving their parents true empty nesters for the first time ever. Emily thought that it would be a great surprise for their parents - photos of the three Settergren kids, on the eve of big moves all across the country.

I have known the Settergren family for years; Emily and I went to high school together. I remember Anna and Jon going to Wednesday night church groups with us, but now they are all grown and woah - that makes me feel old! These three have a lot of fun together, and I think they're all really going to miss each other when they are no longer living in the same state.

Emily, Anna and Jon - thank you for running around in the rain with me, and for taking my photo directives with big smiles and faith. I wish you the best of luck in your adventures ahead, and I hope that you always look at these photos with love and happy memories. xx, Laura


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  1. Oh they are going to have some awesome memories with these photos.

    Very nice!!


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