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Monday, June 7, 2010

Torgerson Family - Lifestyle Family Photography

I had the privilege of photographing part of my family on Memorial Day.

My cousin Tracy, her husband Jeremy and their two little ones, plus my aunt joined me for a morning of fun in the sun. I had so much fun running after Lily and Jack who are 3 and 1 [did I get the ages right, Tracy?] Photographing two is wayyy busier than photographing just one!

This was another one of those shoots where you have to just toss your expectations out the window from the beginning. I think this is hardest for the parents. The thing with lifestyle photography is that isn't not supposed to be posed, perfect and artificial. It's supposed to be real, true, and usually crazy.

Eventually, we all were able to do this - toss out whatever expectations we had for the shoot and just roll with it. Just have fun. Just play and run and giggle and splash. Lily loved the water. These photos capture that. Jack loves to run; I caught that too.

Tracy and Jeremy, thanks for trusting me to capture your kiddos at such a precious and fun age. Enjoy.

♥ - L


  1. I have many favourites. The ones on the dock are so crisp, and I love the back of the baby's head with the family blurred. The B&W on the beach are lovely too. I'd love to try taking pictures of a family some time this summer. You've given me some great ideas.

  2. Laura, I love the one where she is peeking out of the window! You are such a fabulous photographer. I love how you capture life!


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