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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Haley - Yoga - [Lifestyle Photography]

Haley and I go way back. We met in 1st grade and have been friends ever since. Although, there was this one time in 2nd grade where I told her that I wouldn't be her friend unless she drank skim milk. I can't believe I really said that!?! Apparently I didn't like the fact that she darnk chocolate milk. Despite my blunt bossiness, Haley remained my friend throughout the years.

We are kindred spirits in the fact that we both have college degrees but have passions that lie in other areas. Haley has traveled the world extensively [and I'm thoroughly jealous at all she's seen!] and has the most fantastic dream. She will one day own a coffee shop in the Minneapolis area, complete with a room for yoga classes. I just KNOW she'll accomplish that dream too.

This past winter, Haley went on a 3-week intensive yoga training in [ok, Haley - you might have to clarify in the comments section - was it South America or Central America? I forget...] Anyway, she came back with a fire lit underneath her. She is the BEST yoga instructor I have ever seen. She is calm, gentle and offers just enough instruction to help you follow along without being annoying.

Haley is teaching several different yoga classes in the Twin Cities region each week. If ANY of you are in the area, I strongly encourage you to go check out one of her classes. You will not regret it.

She teaches classes at:

Moe Body Works - Tuesdays at 10am. [They offer a free first week of unlimited yoga!]

Two classes at Cardiolix - Every Friday 11:30- 12:30 and 12:30-1:30. [They offer a free class coupon on the website!]

3 classes at LA Fitness:

8:30 am at the uptown location - Wednesdays
11:00 am at the Hopkins location - Wednesdays
7:45 pm at the St. Louis park location - Thursdays

Finally she's teaching a class at the St. Paul United Church of Christ (St. Paul's UCC, 900 Summit Ave, St. Paul MN 55105 ) It's from June 9th - end of July every Wednesday at 4:30. $5/class or $30 for all 8 weeks. [This class is mainly older people, and so it's a very gentle mellow yoga class.]

This winter, after one of the yoga sessions Haley and I had, she mentioned wanting to have some photos taken for future business promotion. I happily agreed and this weekend, we were able to make that happen. I have never taken photos for a yoga instructor before and I loved it. I hope you enjoy them too.

Haley comes to the lakes area frequently to visit her family. I mentioned to her that perhaps sometime this summer, there would be enough people interested to host a 'yoga in the park' session, or maybe a 'yoga by the lake.' If anyone would be potentially interested in attending one of Haley's yoga classes when she comes up on a weekend, leave a comment telling us so! I just think that would be so much fun, and a great chance for Haley to reach more people with her calming passion for yoga.

[This post is in place of my usual Wednesday Wonders. I'm thankful for friends like Haley and for new photographic experiences this week.]

♥, L


  1. Awesome! I love the one where she sitting cross-legged at the top of the steps and the background is blurred. If I did any of those poses, they'd have to call an ambulance for me!

  2. FANTASTIC!!!!! I absolutely love the ones in front of the graffiti :) And so much fun to know what Haley is up too!!! I'm thinkin we need to have lowell reunion I'd love to see what everyone is up too:)

  3. Laura-

    I would love to take a yoga class from Haley! I could always use new ways to relieve stress from my life.

  4. The photos and poses are amazing, flowing and full of energy. I have done a little yoga, and would come, but the instructor needs to know I'm a beginner.


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