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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wednesday Wonders

This week, I have one major thing to be thankful for.

This guy.

This guy [my husband, for any new-comers who might not recognize him], has been by my side for the last two weeks while I moped, sulked, groaned, whimpered and slept my way through a very long, extended stomach bug.

He brought me crackers, Gatorade and cold wash cloths for my forehead. He tried to scratch my back for me, but when I didn't feel good, I had to decline.

He watched approximately 4,000 movies with me over the last 2 weeks, and it looks like tonight, we're going to make that 4,001.

And, he did this all on his break between spring and summer classes.

I know that he has been [SO SO] bored while I have been sick, but he's stuck it out by my side despite his boredom.

The BEST part was today... he came to the resort with me and cleaned cabins.

I know, he is great, isn't he?

I [swear I'm not a hypochondriac] had my first full blown migraine headache ever come yesterday and so I only was able to clean for 3 hours. I left a cabin half finished and had another to do today. Cleaning a whole cabin alone takes soooo long.

So, I asked Matt if he would come with me and make beds, which is the slowest part of doing it alone. He said yes [and I might have jumped up and down.] We cleaned together for 3.5 hours today, and crossed 3 cabins off of the list! Yay-yeah!

So, to summarize. This week, I am so, totally, utterly, completely thankful for my husband, Matt.

You are so good to me, even when you want to be anywhere but laying on the floor, watching another movie. I love you more than I can say.

♥, L


  1. Yup, you truly have a "keeper" for a hubby. I am so sorry to hear about your migraine. I get them about twice a month so I know debilitating they are. Even your hair hurts during a migraine. Excedrin works wonders, but I also have Imitrex (prescription). I would look into that if this persists. Hope you feel well soon.

  2. you two are a GREAT couple!

  3. You have been blessed. Happy movie watching. Are you feeling better?

  4. You have been blessed. Happy movie watching. Are you feeling better?

  5. We are amazing together!


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