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Monday, May 24, 2010

Kayla and Eric - Sneak Peak - Engagement Photography

Some of you might have been wondering where I have disappeared off to lately. Since I'm usually a daily, or at least every other day blogger, my absence of 6 days is almost a record! The scoop is that I have been fighting some type of stomach hassle - I'm thinking it may have been viral but I'm not sure. It was a tough weekend and the last thing I wanted to do was leave my bed and go online. So, I didn't. But now, I am starting to feel better and I have high hopes for a full recovery by this weekend! Too many great things up ahead to be sick for!

Yesterday, I met Kayla and Eric at the beach to photograph their engagement photos. I prayed hard that I would feel good and I did! Focusing on a beautiful couple, and being reunited with my Nikon helped me ditch the sicky-vibe too. The forecast said 75% thunderstorms, and honestly, I was worried! But - once again, the weather was on our side and we had a fantastic evening. The weather was warm, there was a slight breeze and there wasn't a rain drop in sight.

Here are a couple of the ones that caught my eye as I began looking through their session. They are such a fun couple; radiating sweet, natural love between them.

Kayla and Eric, enjoy your sneak peak. Many more to come!


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  1. Sweet young love. Looks like you've captured some eXcellent keepsakes for the happy couple.


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