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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday Wonders

Wednesday always rolls around so fast, doesn't it?

I almost forgot about the weekly Wednesday Wonders post, because I have this other post rolling around in my head. Today alone, I had two people ask me how I went from getting a bachelors in nursing to becoming a photographer. Last weekend, my cousin asked me the same question - how did it all start? I know that some of you have heard my schpeel and some have caught glimpses of it here and there on this blog - but some of you might be new here and hey, I think it's kind of an interesting story. I have never really felt like I had much of a testimony to God either, I haven't had a born-again experience or anything like that to share, but this - this is my testimony. My story of how God helped me find my passion and how he led me to it.

Anyway, that post is yet to come - I was planning on skipping Matt's softball game to write it since it's been pressing on my mind, but now that I realized it's Wednesday, I'll stick to Wednesday Wonders and leave the deep post for tomorrow or Friday. Plus, then my priorities stay correct. :)

This week, I am thankful for many things.

First is the AMAZING weather we have had this week. Seriously - it has been warmer than usual and TO.DIE.FOR. Tonight, I was driving home at about 730 pm and the sign at the bank said 82. I'm sure it wasn't really 82 out, but still, it was at least 70 - at 730pm! In May! I LOVE THIS!

I have actually managed to get a little bit of a sun kiss to my arms and shoulders. My face too. My legs are a whole other story though - I was blinding the neighborhood when Matt and I took a bike ride today.

I'm thankful for my Grandma who gave me her bicycle. My parents sold the bike I'd had since 2nd grade a year or two ago [I know, it was seriously time for an upgrade], and so since my Grandma doesn't ride much anymore, she passed hers onto me. I tried it out today and it works just great! The seat has tons of padding which is a MUST for my rear.

I'm thankful for generous people like my boss at the resort. Ruthie made a huge donation to the American Diabetes Association for Matt and my participation in the 25 mile Tour de Cure bike ride that we're doing on June 5th. I was SO THANKFUL for her contribution - she made us a lot closer to our goal for the ride!

I'm thankful for Gull Lake Resort - the resort that Ruthie and her husband Mike own/run. I've been an employee there since 2002 and I have loved every second of my summers there. I'm also so grateful to Ruthie and Mike for taking me back year after year, even when I make other plans and can't work much. You are the best employers ever.

This week, I had the amazing opportunity to spend quality time with my family at my sister's second wedding shower. There were some family members there that I hadn't seen in years, since Matt and my own wedding, Dec of 2007. I really, really love being around family, and it's extra sweet when it's people you don't get to see too often.

I'm thankful for the extra time that I get to spend with Matt now that he's on a break between spring semester and summer session. Sadly, I'm way busier than I was in the winter, now that the resort is open and things are full swing with photography - but I'm constantly being reminded of what is truly important, so I'm MAKING time. I think daily bike rides might be in our plan. ESPECIALLY when the sun's out.

I'm also so, so thankful for the IHeartFaces challenge last week, where I was honored to place 3rd with a photo from a recent newborn session. It was my first ever photography award and I was in the presence of some amazing company. There are so many talented photographers out there, both amateur and pro, and I love being able to see other's work and learn and grow through sharing. I am truly in an amazing field.

I hope that each of you have found blessings in your life this week. I know that we all have things we would change if we could, and things that we are facing that maybe we don't want to handle alone. Just remember [I need to remember this too!] that He is with us; we are never alone.

God bless you all and if you'd care to share a few things you are thankful for this week, I would love to hear them! By examining our many blessings, we are able to force the negative out of our minds!


P.s. I'm headed to the softball game now, so like my post last week, no time to proof for typos. Please excuse any spell check missed - tonight's priority is softball and not commas! :) ♥


  1. It really does help to focus on the blessings, doesn't it?

  2. Thanks for the reminder that I'm not alone. Sometimes it does feel that way. Your photos are so lovely. I really want a bleeding heart plant in my yard. Can't wait to read about your journey from nursing to photography.


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