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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kayla and Eric - Engagement Photography

As a photographer, it is fun to have a couple that is willing to play along and have fun with their session. They listen to my prompts and then run with them; adding their own personality to it along the way.

Kayla and Eric did just this.

On an unseasonably warm evening by the lake, we laughed, joked, talked about wood ticks, and went from grass to sand to rocks to dock, all in 1 hour flat. Ok, maybe not so flat, but who's counting. Kayla and Eric's photos show the sweet love that is so blatantly apparent when you are around them. I felt it. I'm sure everyone who knows them felt it.

They are a great match.

Thanks for letting me into your lives for the evening, Kayla and Eric. Your wedding is going to be beautiful.

♥ - L


  1. Beautiful. They don't seem to be posing much at all.

  2. just love these photos! you are so talented Laura, I'll be taking one of those classes that you dream of having someday :) The last one is my fave... and Kayla if you read this... loving those purple shoes!!!!

  3. Mary - that is the best compliment! You seriously give out the best compliments ever - you know just want I need to hear, I think! You rock! :)

    Sara - I know right? Those shoes killed me - in an AWESOME way. I was like ahh! I gotta get the shoes in the pictures!!!

  4. The pictures are beautiful! Thank you so much Laura, you did a FANTASTIC job. We had so much fun during our shoot! We can't wait to have you capture our special day. Thanks again!


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