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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Out on the Open Water

Today was a monumental day.

Today, the ice went out [the lake opened up and became water again for anyone not familiar with that term] on the bay my parents live on.

It was the earliest yet. March 30th. That is amazing.

Today was also monumental because it was 70 degrees outside. In Minnesota. In March. The sun was shining. The breeze wasn't anything but soft and gentle.

And, I went out in a boat today. The same day the ice went out. While there was still ice on the main part of the lake.

Let's take a look, shall we?

I got to my parents house today and was consumed by the spring air, sunshine and warmth. I found my dad in his usual place; covered in dust in his workshop, in work clothes, with a respirator on, working on some type of project. This time, it's furniture for my sister and soon to be brother-in-law for their wedding present.

Anyway... I said that I wanted to walk down to the lake and take pictures of the buds that are now forming on the trees. It took a whole 2 seconds for him to agree to come along.

This is where he hung his respirator. It is probably where it hangs still tonight. I think this one image sums up everything I like. Spring, color, warmth, my family - everything.

We walked down to the lake and I took some nature photos. I'm giving them their own post. Stay tuned.

What's to come was too awesome to postpone.

So, while we were down looking at the lake, the cattails and the beautiful blue sky, we also saw that our bay was nearly melted. All that separated our open bay from the open channel was a slab of ice maybe a quarter the size of a football field. Dad suggested that we go put the boat in.

In March. In Minnesota. While there was still some ice on the lake.

My sister and I agreed and a few minutes later, we were ready to go. Dad had to make sure the motor would work after a long winter of inactivity. It did.

I love this view.

Within 15 minutes we were in the boat, in the channel. We came upon the slab of ice that kept us from entering the back bay. Dad decided to go through the ice.

My sister and I looked on in fright. Not only was it scary, but Dad revealed that he didn't have any oars. If we got stuck, we were in trouble.

He slowly plowed us through the slab of ice, and the slab broke beneath the weight of the boat and the three of us.

Slowly but surely, we made our way through the ice slab, to the open water of our bay. Boating freedom awaited our arrival.

Ahhh, open water.

We cruised around the bay, looking at the remaining ice that lined the shore. Not much was left, and what was left wasn't very thick.

After exploring the open bay, it was time to head back. Our path awaited.

It was much less scary on the way back.

We successfully broke the family record for earliest time out on the lake. I think it's probably safe to say that we may have broken the lake record for earliest people out as well. Go Hensels!

Then, on the way back from the boat landing, we spotted a bunch of pussy willows in the ditch. They were scattered all along the road, so my dad pulled the van and boat over and we both hopped out. Pussy willows in a vase make a house seem like a home. [Trust me, I'll show you the ensamble I created tomorrow.]

My dad courageously bared his feet [literally] to the weeds, wetness, and ice in order to collect some for us. I got some, my sister got some, and my parents got a vase full too.

What a day!

To top it off, I was told that tonight, all the ice in the bay went out. It is now totally open. The rest of the lake just needs to catch up, the water needs to warm a little bit and then... the crappies will start to bite!!! Ohhh, I can't wait!

Thanks for taking a trip out on the OPEN water with me. I wish you could have felt the breeze on your face. After a long, cold, isolated winter in Minnesota, [especially after a year in Hawaii!], this 70 degree weather, the sunshine, and SPRING is so warmely welcomed.

Plus, it's going to be SEVENTY THREE degrees out tomorrow.

I need to go buy my fishing license.

Enjoy every minute!


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  1. The new camera is out and about I see. Wow that looked like quite the adventure with your dad, but the pussy willows on your table in your later post were well worth it. I always appreciate your comments. And so sorry about your husbands friend.
    Thanks for visiting.


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