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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Nature Comes to Life Again

Yesterday's weather was simply stunning.

Warm enough that I made a trip out on the open water with my family.

I know that I said it was going to be seventy three degrees out today...

I should have knocked on wood.

I know that I sound a little spoiled, because it wasn't cold at all today. It was probably 60 degrees and a little bit breezy. [I should be slapped for insinuating that 60 is cold. KNOCKING ON WOOD RIGHT NOW.]

I was just a little pumped up about it being even hotter today, but was politely let down by mother nature.

That's ok though; the day yesterday more than made up for it.

Here are the pictures from the nature walk that I promised:

The picture of the pussy willow vase arrangement I made will delight your senses tomorrow.

This weekend is going to be slightly cooler - a high of upper 50's to 60. BUT. I can't complain. This is Minnesota, and it's early April [as of TOMRROW?? How did it get to be April already?]. I hate to even think of it, but the fact remains that in previous years, we have had April snows. [KNOCKING ON WOOD AGAIN - HARD!]

For now, I'm just enjoying the bare grounds, the little buds on the trees, and the open water that is slowly showing up on the area lakes.

Go out and enjoy it,


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