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Monday, March 29, 2010

Lissie & Brandon - Engagement Photography

Lissie and Brandon began their engagement in the tropical warmth of the British Virgin Islands.

The weather on the day of their engagement session was quite the opposite: breezy, chilly, and overcast.

Despite cold fingers, watery eyes and wind-blown hair, their engagement session was a success; celebrating the love that so clearly radiates between them.

Their relationship is fun, relaxed, and completely comfortable. Their July wedding will showcase this perfectly; hopefully with warmer, more tropic-like weather!

Lissie and Brandon, thanks for a fun day! I am looking forward to celebrating your wedding day with you.



  1. Wonderful photoshoot Laura! I love the eyelash shot.

  2. Amazing photos, Laura! Great job!

  3. Laura-
    These are BEAUTIFUL!!! nice work girl!

  4. Go to the front of the class! You are awesome! Love your originality!


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