We Have A New Home!

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Welcome to My New Home!

Virtual home, that is.

This is the new site for all things Laura Radniecki Images, and the Radniecki's. It was simply beyond my limits to keep two separate ones going and when I have photos that I took, say for just the fun of winter, I didn't know where they belonged! They aren't Laura Radniecki Image photos, but they are photos none-the-less... They belong where?


Now I have solved that dilemma. Add this blog to your reader or bookmarks or whatever you use to keep up with what's happening with us here in Rad land. All my posts will fall here from now on.

Thank you for checking back again and again and I'm excited for all the fun happenings that are bound to happen now that everything is simplified! :)

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