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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Into The Wild

Last week, we had two winter occurrences that led me out into the elements to explore and photograph. One was a day of fog and hoarfrost, and the other was unseasonably warm weather which in turn froze and left a layer of ice on everything. What a winter wonderland!!

This is the day of hoarfrost. It covered everything.

It clung to only the edges of my mom's flowers.

It hung on the edges of the leaves.

And on all of the branches.

It truly was a majestic world. I clomped through the foot-high snow in not snow boots, but rain boots, and marveled at the beauty.

Then, a few days later we got a winter rain. Very unusual, and potentially dangerous.
As the water began to freeze, there were small icicles covering everything.

This is a reminder that spring will come. Sooner or later, it will come and life will emerge again from the barren wilderness. Or woods haha.

My master exploration guide, aka Dad.

This is one of my favorite winter photos. The water-turned-ice covered the fallen logs, which still had green moss on them, and then it created a type of honeycomb effect.

As we walked through the woods, we could hear the drips of icicles melting and falling onto the snow and leaves below. Slow and monotonous, and slightly eerie.

Father-Daughter moments, exploring nature. God's country is absolutely beautiful.

Although winter might not be my favorite season of all, it is beautiful and fun and lovely it its own way. Even though I anxiously await the coming of spring and eventually summer, I'm enjoying the photo opportunities that winter, snow, ice, and the haunting beauty of this season offers.

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