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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cake Magic!

My sister graduated college yesterday, a semester ahead of schedule. [Yay, E!] She decided not to walk for graduation, and came home instead. With her entire family as well as her fiancee in the same town, she decided she wanted to be home more than she wanted to walk in the ceremony. To celebrate her graduation, we went to her favorite pizza place in town and celebrated by stuffing our faces with pizza and bread sticks around a fire place.

But before we went out for pizza, her fiancee Tony had a surprise for her. Tony is a graphic designer with an extremely creative brain. He's so talented in everything from sketching and drawing to painting and design, I shouldn't be surprised with the creation he made. But I still kind of am!

Cake Boss watch out, here comes Tony! :)

Tony made Erica a gorgeous cake. from. scratch. He made his own fondant, cheesecake layers, and cake. He colored the fondant using color paste [or something like that] and he designed it from ideas in his brain. Not from a photo. Are you impressed? We sure were!

Here are some photos. It was beautiful.

And so yummy. I love [LOVE] cheesecake, so having it layered in between fluffy cake... scrumptious!

The detail! Oh, how lovely.

Congratulations, Erica! We are all so proud of you! Now, you are on to bigger and better things. First of which, is wedding planning!

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