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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Psalm 23 and Christmas Cheer

Yesterday, my dad and I participated in one of our Christmas traditions. We put on our 5+ layers, dug out the reindeer antlers and headed to Fleet Farm to ring the Salvation Army bell. Unlike some of the grocery stores in town, Fleet Farm requires the bell ringers to stand a specified number of feet from the entrance or exit. In previous years, we had to be 20+ feet from the door, which I think is a shame. Most people won't go out of their way to donate, especially when it's 5 degrees out [or less]. This year though, the red kettle was hanging only 2 feet from the exit doors! Yess! It wasn't any warmer, but people didn't have to go way out of their way to drop in a dollar or some change.

We were only given an hour time slot compared to two hours in the past, but regardless, it was fun. I think this was our 4th year doing this, and I hope it continues for many years!

Matt and I went to dinner with his grandparents yesterday; to a burger bar at Black Bear. That was so awesome - 2 burgers for $10! Great burgers too. I hadn't seen Joanne since before my birthday, so she gave me my present at dinner. One of the pieces was this bracelet. It is the 23rd Psalm bracelet - each bead corresponds to a part in the Psalm.

Isn't that the neatest bracelet? Even though I don't have that psalm memorized [I put that card in my purse!] I feel that by simply wearing it and looking at it, it reminds me that God is watching out for me and knows far more about life than I do. It's calming, just to wear it.

Tomorrow is Friday! Christmas is almost here!! Are you ready?


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  1. I have seen that bracelet in many stores-- it is really neat!


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