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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Eve's Eve-Eve

I'm really creative at coming up with catchy titles, eh?


Today is Tuesday, which is the eve to the eve of Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve is when my family does our gift exchange and for the second year in a row - our fondue dinner! We follow up the dinner and present exchange with midnight Mass which has the best music of the entire year.

I have been waiting [kind of patiently] a long time for Christmas to come, and at this exact moment, it feels like it's still forever away. Our shopping is done, except for a thing or two that will take less than 5 minutes to pick up, and the wrapping is complete. Now I'm just anticipating time with family, watching their faces as they open the gifts that I selected/made/dreamed up over the past 6 months for them. Did I mention I love Christmas??

There were rumors that a big snowstorm is headed our way, and could bring at least a foot of snow. I think that it will pass just south of us, like the storm that came through several weeks ago did. I'm secretly hoping that it decides to grace us with some white, fluffy stuff. There's nothing quite like big fluffy flakes falling on Christmas.

Oh, and welcome Winter. It's officially winter now, even though we've been experiencing winter conditions for weeks. Despite the cold, it's a really beautiful time of year.

Jesus is the reason for the season ~

<3 Laura

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  1. Adam and I have a Fondue dinner on Christmas Eve, too! How fun!


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