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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Erin + CJ - Engaged! | Brainerd, MN | Engagement and Wedding Photography

Erin and CJ met in college in the south. CJ is from Florida and Erin is from Minnesota, and they are planning a wedding for 2015. While home in Minnesota for Christmas, they decided to take advantage of the snow and have a winter engagement session.

They, along with their two dogs, were great sports with the 10 degree weather and blinding white snow. It was the perfect winter afternoon, complete with golden sunshine. Throw in a great blanket which amps up the cuddle factor and the result are amazing winter photos that highlight Erin and CJ's affection for each other, and their excitement to get married.

Thank you for toughing out the cold with me, guys! It was fantastic to meet you and get to spend the afternoon with you. Good luck with the rest of your wedding plans and send some of your warmer weather our way! We need it! :) xoxo! Laura
ErinCJEngagements_0001 ErinCJEngagements_0006 ErinCJEngagements_0014 ErinCJEngagements_0020 ErinCJEngagements_0028 ErinCJEngagements_0029 ErinCJEngagements_0032 ErinCJEngagements_0038 ErinCJEngagements_0043 ErinCJEngagements_0052 ErinCJEngagements_0057 ErinCJEngagements_0061 ErinCJEngagements_0073 ErinCJEngagements_0078 ErinCJEngagements_0086 ErinCJEngagements_0092 ErinCJEngagements_0094 ErinCJEngagements_0099 ErinCJEngagements_0102 ErinCJEngagements_0103 ErinCJEngagements_0109

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