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Monday, January 6, 2014

December 2013 - in Instagram Photos

Aside from the warm summer months, December is my most favorite time of year. I adore Christmas and everything that comes with it.

Usually though, December is insanely busy with Christmas preparations, the photography season wrapping up, and winter hitting us with full force.

Because I knew that we would be spending a full week of December in Florida over Christmas, I set a very deliberate goal of slowing my life down and squeezing every list bit of Christmas cheer out of my life before we left for Florida. I didn't want to return from the trip and think "Sad, Christmas is over and I barely got to enjoy the season!"

I pulled a few early mornings/late nights of work in the very beginning of the month and finished my photo work ahead of schedule. I DVR'd as many Christmas movies as I had room for, and spent many afternoons crafting in the living room while the TV played a Hallmark or Lifetime movie and Remy snoozed beside me.

We continued with several of our cherished Christmas traditions like cookie baking with Matt's family and ringing the Salvation Army Bell with my dad.

And then, we boarded a plane and escaped the brutal, frigid cold for a week spent in balmy Florida with my sister and brother-in-law over Christmas. It was a glorious vacation.

I only snapped a few photos during our trip because I was really trying to make an effort to truly be present. In addition to what the photos show, we walked the beach, found sand dollars, hunted for shark's teeth, visited with my aunt and uncle, went to the most beautiful Christmas Eve mass ever, and played many rounds of Joker.

It was a snowless Christmas but to be honest, I loved it.

Usually, I comment on how fast time passes and how I can hardly believe it. While December did pass fast, for once I actually feel like I was able to be intentional about my time and truly enjoy all of the parts of Christmas and December that I love so much. Plus, have a new experience and new memories of a Florida Christmas.

It was a very, very good month.

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