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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Dunphy Family | Brainerd, MN | Family and Child Photography

The Dunphy family has grown since the last time I photographed them!

Colin is now a big brother and he has a cute little playmate of a little brother, Mile,s to have adventures with.

I photographed the Dunphy family on one of the last summer-like days of the year. We ended the session with some splashing at the beach, and the boys had a blast getting dirty.

That's what little boys like best, right?

To the Dunphy's - thank you for letting your boys play in the water and the sand for our session! There is something about cute little boys in summery clothes, dripping with water and full of sand that I just adore. These photos make me happy and I hope they do the same for you! Enjoy!! xo! Laura
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  1. I LOVE THESE!!!! Perfectly captured LR!!

  2. Thank you, Jen!! :) This session was so much fun!!!


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