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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Kossan Family | Motley, MN | Family and Child Photography

Kelley Kossan is a fellow lakes area photographer and a good friend of mine. This summer, we decided to trade photography services so that we could each have great photos of our families, and be able to be IN the photos instead of taking them.

In July, she came out to my parent's house and photographed the 6 of us. Now that my sister and brother in law have moved to Florida, these photos are even more precious to us.

In August, I headed to Motley, to the Kossan house to photograph her family. There are 12 Kossan kids and their fantastic parents. Fourteen people in all - the biggest single family unit I've ever photographed.

These people - it's hard to describe how wonderful they are without having you meet them. If you know the Kossans, you can attest to the fact that they are warm, inviting, hilarious and just plain loving. They really and truly love each other's company and they have fun together as a family.

Plus, they have the most gorgeous front porch ever and a delicious garden, along with wide open country acres and various livestock to add more fun into the mix. They play wiffle ball almost daily, so we ended the session with a lively game. And as I almost melted into a puddle at the sight of the CUTEST baby rabbit ever, I turned around to the littlest Kossans munching on carrots, straight out of the garden. I mean, could this family get any more amazing?!

To the Kossans - THANK YOU for having me out to your home to photograph you all. I love these images so much, and you can bet you'll be seeing them all over my website. :) Enjoy!! xo! Laura
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