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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Nikki + Ryan - Married! | Pine River, MN | Wedding Photography

On an unseasonably cool July day, Nikki and Ryan gathered in her father's backyard for an intimate outdoor wedding. Her little brother played the piano as the wedding processional started, and family and friends looked on as the ceremony began. Complete with a heartfelt sand ceremony to unite Nikki, Ryan and Ryan's two children as one new family, the wedding was a beautiful display of love and happiness.

The party continued on after the wedding at Nikki's mother's house, and lasted well into the night.

Nikki and Ryan - I wish you two a lifetime of happiness! Enjoy the photos from your beautiful wedding day! xo! Laura
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  1. okay what is the story behind the Avengers?

  2. Jennifer-Hi! Long story short....My husband is a "geek" when it comes to marvel heroes and we both have a sense of humor and thought it was a great way to incorporate that! Plus, it saved us money on boutonnières! :-)

  3. A unique addition, and variation from standard boutonnieres, right?! It was a fun personal touch.

    Thanks for answering the question, Nikki! :)

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