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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Southam Family | Crosby, MN | Extended Family Photography

The Southam Family gathered together at a cabin in Crosby, MN for a week of rest and relaxation. They live spread out across the midwest, so it was a week of fun family time - perfect for the cousins to get some quality play time in. 

They decided to commemorate the week with a family photo session, so I joined them one warm evening to take their photos. Their wardrobe choices were amazing, and blended together perfectly. As Tonya told me - "They'd better, because it took a 9 hour shopping day to coordinate all of these!" Time well spent, I think! :)

Southam2013_0003_E Southam2013_0031_E Southam2013_0025_E Southam2013_0030_E Southam2013_0051


  1. Thanks so much Laura! Absolutely LOVE the photos and the time spent with the family. We've captured some great memories. :)

  2. Hi Tonya!

    You are so welcome! It was such a pleasure to meet you guys and to work with you! I agree - I think we captured some priceless memories!! :)


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