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Friday, July 12, 2013

The Olson Family - And the First Laura Radniecki Images "Baby"! | Brainerd, MN | Family and Child Photography

Suzie and Mike were one of my wedding couples from 2011.

In the fall after their wedding, I saw on Facebook that their family of two would soon be growing to a family of three! They were the first of my wedding couples to have a baby! Many of my couples have since added to their families, but Suzie and Mike were the first!

In May of 2012, they welcomed baby Dylan into the world.

This spring, Suzie asked me about photographing Dylan's 1st year photos, as well as some family photos of them. I love being able to watch life change and grow for my wedding couples so I jumped at the chance to see them again and to meet Dylan! We even photographed their session at the same place as their engagement session which makes it extra special now that they have added Dylan to their family.

Suzie and Mike love the lake, and are teaching Dylan young to love the water and to love fishing. As the images show, they are succeeding, and Dylan [which means "Son of the Sea"] adores being in the water. I love the images we created!

Olson2013_0025 Olson2013_0029 Olson2013_0033 Olson2013_0037 Olson2013_0039 Olson2013_0043 Olson2013_BW_0010 Olson2013_0066 Olson2013_0078 Olson2013_BW_0013 Olson2013_0086 Olson2013_BW_0016 Olson2013_0090

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