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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mike + Suzie - Breezy Point - Brainerd, MN Wedding Photography

They met at a wedding.

Suzie and Mike's love story began when they met at a wedding and exchanged phone numbers. And as they say, the rest is history.

Several years later, it was their turn. Their turn to invite family and friends to a ceremony where they would become husband and wife. Forever. To become one - to become Mr. and Mrs. Olson. This time, it was their wedding.

On a Saturday in August, Suzie and Mike gathered with their family and friends at Breezy Point Resort in northern Minnesota. They decided that "up north" would be the perfect setting for their outdoor wedding, and guests came from all over the cities and beyond to celebrate with them. Suzie looked gorgeous in her elegant up-do and sleek dress [with pockets!]. Mike anxiously awaited the First Look where he could see his bride for the first time.

Surrounded by family, friends, water and sunshine, Suzie and Mike promised forever to each other.

OlsonWedding_0057 OlsonWedding_0080 Blog1 OlsonWedding_0086 Suzie's grandma brought along some photos of herself in her early years - in formal dresses going to prom etc. It was so neat watching the storytelling. OlsonWedding_0089 OlsonWedding_0103 OlsonWedding_0105 OlsonWedding_0111 OlsonWedding_0113 OlsonWedding_0116 OlsonWedding_0123 Blog2 Blog3 OlsonWedding_0156 OlsonWedding_0173 OlsonWedding_0180 OlsonWedding_0184 OlsonWedding_0195 OlsonWedding_0198 OlsonWedding_0217 OlsonWedding_0223 OlsonWedding_0228 Blog5 OlsonWedding_0289 OlsonWedding_0305 OlsonWedding_0307 OlsonWedding_0312 OlsonWedding_0314 OlsonWedding_0321 OlsonWedding_0330 Blog6
Suzie and Mike LOVE to fish. Their decor incorporated their love of fishing, 'up north' and Minnesota's 10,000 lakes. These cupcakes were topped with ... swedish fish!
OlsonWedding_0361 Blog7 Blog8 OlsonWedding_0382OlsonWedding_0394 OlsonWedding_0400 OlsonWedding_0414 OlsonWedding_0417 OlsonWedding_0423 OlsonWedding_0426 OlsonWedding_0441 OlsonWedding_0444 OlsonWedding_0456 OlsonWedding_0470 OlsonWedding_0480 OlsonWedding_0484 OlsonWedding_0503 OlsonWedding_0510

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