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Friday, May 10, 2013

How to be Ignored by a Golden Retriever

It seems like at least half of our street owns dogs.

One house has a old golden retriever named Boris who wanders up and down the street, greeting the neighbors and searching for tennis balls and belly scratches.

Matt and I first met Boris last fall while we were outside raking our leaves. He came over to say Hi and to try to coax a few scratches from us.

Last week, while I was outside with Remy enjoying some rare spring weather, Boris came over to say Hello again. 

Remy panicked a little at first and then decided she wanted to PLAY. 

Boris had other things in mind, like sniffing around the yard, marking his territory, and trying to be petted. He didn't want much to do with a yapping little black thing that was trying to bite his tail and chase him around the yard.

I'm pretty sure he thought she was annoying.
2LR_9102 2LR_9112 2LR_9114 2LR_9115 2LR_9121
I'm impressed by how brave Remy got after the initial panic attack. No matter how hard she tried to engage Boris though, he wasn't interested and just went about his business.

Maybe someday they will be friends, but not today.
2LR_9128 2LR_9131
Later, Matt and I decided to have a little fun in our driveway and draw some pictures with chalk. We had Remy outside so she could explore and the next time I noticed, she had snuck off with a piece of chalk.
See her little yellow mustache?
LKR_7386 LKR_7400 LKR_7402 LKR_7406 LKR_7440 We also introduced Remy to the tennis ball. 

We weren't sure she'd like it because it's almost as big as her head and we weren't sure she'd be able to bite it. 

Don't underestimate the power, strength or sharpness of little baby canine teeth! She sinks those teeth into the ball and carries it around the yard with her as she runs her heart out! LKR_7408 LKR_7410 LKR_7416 LKR_7420
Then, I asked the neighbor girl to come over and take our first family photo. It's a little blurry, but I love it.

Our family of three!


  1. I enjoyed this blog update as I am a huge dog fan! Our golden retriever is exactly how you described boris, always looking for a ball and saying hello to everyone...I can't get out the door of my house without a ball being dropped at my feet. REMY=So stinking cute. Love the family photo!!

  2. Hi Brooke! Thanks for the blog comment!! Thank you, we love her so much! She's added so much fun to our lives, that is for sure! She's eating a sock on my lap as I type this. :) xoxo!


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