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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Field Machine - The Kickstarter Launch

Last year, my sister's husband, Tony, started dreaming of a luxury line of USA-made, sports-inspired clothing and accessories.

After many months of brainstorming and countless late nights of research and hard work, his idea has come to reality.

Field Machine is here.

Officially launched on Kickstarter as of last night, Field Machine is now LIVE in it's 30 day campaign. 

Tony has designed a refined apparel and accessory line, inspired by an athletic lifestyle. Field Machine has t-shirts, sweatshirts, belts, hats and the feature - a weekender bag unlike anything else on the market.

I was able to collaborate with Tony on a promo shoot earlier this spring, and capture some of the photos to bring Field Machine to life. To say I'm thrilled with the results and honored to be a part of this project is a huge understatement. This brand that Tony has created is big, and it has momentum. It's going places!
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If you're not familiar with Kickstarter and how it works, head over and check it out. 

Tony has created a campaign to reach his goal of required funds in order to get the 2013 Summer Collection for Field Machine off the ground and into full production. He has created different tiers for people to pledge and support his campaign. You essentially back his goal by buying/funding his project at the level of your choice. If Tony reaches his campaign goal by the end of 30 days, he will begin mass production on his products, and you will receive your Field Machine gear once they are finished.

If his goal isn't met, you aren't charged anything, and no merchandise is transferred.

I believe in this company.

I believe in Tony, and I believe in the products he is creating and the mission behind Field Machine. This is a company worth supporting, and products worth investing in.

If you are moved by Field Machine, or if you are interested in the products, give Tony and Field Machine your support.

If you have avenues to help spread the message about Field Machine and it's Kickstarter campaign, I would be so grateful if you would use them to spread the word. 

Tony has 29 days to make this happen.

Welcome to Field Machine.
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  1. Hi. Do you know of what is going on with this company now that the Kickstarter is over? I really like the idea and wanted to keep an eye out, but the website isn't working. Thanks!


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